Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tonight - Seeing Eric Himan Live

eric himan,world cafe live
eric himan,world cafe live

I am a big fan of Eric Himan - I try to see him whenever I can. I missed him last year - I was in New Jersey babysitting my niece and nephew - and this is the longest I have gone without seeing him for several years.

So, yes, I am passing up watching the selection of the next American Idol - I will most likely post who won when I get home - but will gladly miss it to see this charismatic and talented man. I am going to the World Cafe Live, one of my favorite spots in Philadelphia. So, I figured while I am enjoying myself, I will remind everyone why you should buy your tickets to see Eric Himan if he is playing anywhere new you! The following clip is from a show in Pittsburgh, where he is playing one of my favorites, A Good, Good Cry, from his All For Show album.

For more on Eric Himan, check out his website here. And I am serious, if he is in your area, go see him. Buy his music, you won't regret it.


  1. I really want to hear more of 'Good Cry'. Talented cat!

  2. You didn't ask me to be your date! :(

  3. Big Mark, try going here: Or just go to iTunes or Amazon, cause you gonna wanna buy it...

    Kitty, well, my dear, I didn't think you would feel like coming to Philadelphia!



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