Friday, April 9, 2010

SIRPAUL - The Video Party


To accompany the interview, I thought I would offer up the videos as well. With the following six videos, you could easily throw a party, so I would suggest you turn your volume up, hit full screen, and get ready to dance and move around.

Thrust is the first on the list, and I must say if you are at work, this is perhaps NSFW [Not Safe For Work], but is a great video for a wonderful, fun song. Sexy and sultry, with the imagery to match. I have to face it, SIRPAUL is very hot, and does not shy away from the inherent sexuality in the music.

Addicted was the song that was my introduction to SIRPAUL, and perhaps because of this remains my favorite. Dark and sensual, with a certain brooding quality I love, the song works for me. For the video, there is an interesting blend of video with a Super 8/home movie quality that is just visually arresting. Then again, he had me the minute I heard the song.

Do U rocks it out a bit more, and that driving beat can make me dance, either in my chair on get me on my feet and just let go. For the video, the blend of multiple images and the use of the mirror imaging and the pace of the editing just works so well with the song.

Objectified is part Sy-Fy [making the geek in me giddy], part light show, the video is just throbbing with beat and drive. Think Tron and Matrix meet, well, SIRPAUL.

Swinger is another great video, with an interesting story as well. The club-feel is sexually charged, but aside from a quick shot of a partial moon, there is more sensuality than sexuality involved. However, it seems it was turned away by the video stations, claiming it to be too explicit, yet I have seen much worse - in terms of sex as well as violence - on LOGO and VH1 and even MTV, back in the day when music was involved as something other than theme music. I'd hate to say what I think the issues was, especially for LOGO, which purports to be an LGBT outlet, when in truth, they support more Diva's than actual LGBT acts, but that is a rant for another post, as it is my thoughts, certainly not those of SIRPAUL.

Killer is the latest from SIRPAUL, and it lends some amazing visuals to intrigue me even more. Bold and brash, it is at times like a feast for the eyes.

SIRPAUL will release his latest recording, Music And Me, to iTunes on June 1, 2010. Look for the review are that time. But just a hint - SIRPAUL shared it with me already, and I love it!


  1. This is really great music!!!


  2. Wow! The intereview & the music, how do you do it?
    I'm afraid that I can't stand away from my computer for a while... I guess I will have to watch some Fox News to rid myself of the rigidity in my jeans!

  3. David, I love his music, it is fantastic.

    Stephen, I hear you. One of the reasons I love SIRPAUL's music so much is that it is so charged - emotionally and sexually. And he is such a hottie!



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