Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Then And Now - Toni Braxton

toni braxton

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I seemed to have scratched my eye, making it very tough for me to spend too much time on the computer. But rather than ignore the blog, I am gonna offer a few abbreviated posts, like this one. Toni Braxton will kick this off, starting with the video for the song that established her as a world-wide singing star, Unbreak My Heart. It took over the charts in 1996 - fourteen years ago.

Fast-forward to 2010, and Ms. Braxton is releasing her latest song, Make My Heart. The Dance/Pop song isn't bad, although I have to say it does seem like it could be interchangeable with the songs of Rihanna or Beyonce, the standards in the Pop/Dance today. Only Lady GaGa has a sound all her own, although there are starting to be imitators to the thrown. Anyway, this is the cebut of the new song on the Wendy Williams show.


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