Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Then And Now - Toni Braxton

toni braxton

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I seemed to have scratched my eye, making it very tough for me to spend too much time on the computer. But rather than ignore the blog, I am gonna offer a few abbreviated posts, like this one. Toni Braxton will kick this off, starting with the video for the song that established her as a world-wide singing star, Unbreak My Heart. It took over the charts in 1996 - fourteen years ago.

Fast-forward to 2010, and Ms. Braxton is releasing her latest song, Make My Heart. The Dance/Pop song isn't bad, although I have to say it does seem like it could be interchangeable with the songs of Rihanna or Beyonce, the standards in the Pop/Dance today. Only Lady GaGa has a sound all her own, although there are starting to be imitators to the thrown. Anyway, this is the cebut of the new song on the Wendy Williams show.


  1. Howard take care of that eye! I love Toni and have seen her a couple of times while she was here in Vegas doing her show at the Casino. I've caught her Walmart soundcheck and the song "Yesterday" was more on par with the music produced now, to bad it didn't do better on the charts even after the remix with Neyo which made it even more entertaining.
    I'm hoping the album is as good as some early reviews.

  2. Miss Braxton's new song just so happens to be my Afternoon Dance Break today. Cute song.

    Hope your eye get's better soon!!


  3. Dvid, Great minds, as they say!

  4. Unbreak my heart, breathe again, pure class, soo good, even given as an example in of perfect songs in a music class I once went to!

    She is a wonderful vocal performer and you are a wonderful blogger for reminding us of all that great music out there.

  5. Jason, thanks for the kind words. She remains a better and stronger voice than many who top the charts today.



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