Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Video - Derek & the Darling

derek and the darling,rockface,hustler with a rescue plan

With less than a week from the official drop date of Rockface, the debut release from Derek & the Darling, Derek Nicoletto and Sammi Garett unveiled the video for Hustler With A Rescue Plan. The bold and striking imagery of the video were shot by Julian Rad of Works Productions in Chinatown, NYC and Port Washington, Long Island. With imaginative use of paint, paper mache, costuming and the workroom of an artist, the video stands out like few could. Sammi looks gorgeous, ready for a photoshoot, a wind-blown model with a serious guitar habit. Derek look ranges from stunningly handsome to somewhat-disturbed-on-the-brink-of-serial-killer, sometimes within frames of one another. The songs glistens with life and vitality, begging anyone listening to dance, or, more to the point, daring them not to.

Rockface is released on April 27th, and I will be back with a review. I can already tell you I am enjoying all the tracks, and it will be a must-have collection for your summer listening. You can check out more about Derek & the Darling at their official website here.



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