Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Video - You Don't Question Love

The Washington, DC, singer/songwriter just released The Politics of Love, a combination of new songs and the EP Rise, featuring one of my favorites, the title song. Included in the new material is You Don't Question Love, a song in support of Marriage Equality. In fact, Tom is engaged to Mike, and the two plan to marry in the fall, so this is a subject near and dear to Tom's heart.

Tom also released a DVD, Live at Terry's, recorded in DC at a concert I attended. It is wonderful, and certainly a must have for fans of Tom's work. Check out Tom's website here. While there, check out the store, and you can purchase some great music and support an out performer lending his talent and voice to a great cause.


  1. Greg and I are going to see him next Tuesday in Cinci. This time I will not forget to tell him you said hi, I promise ;-)

    It is killing me that the Glee season premiere is on the same night. I'm praying that they'll be someone in the audience who volunteers to have an impromptu Glee party at his home that evening. Maybe Tom will drop a few hints along the way.

  2. Cubby, enjoy the show! And give him a hug from me!And as for Glee, you can always watch it online when you get home!



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