Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Music - getupkategetup


Archy & Mehitabel, the delightful and daring duo of Lee Waters and Alexander Horwitz, have released the getupkategetup EP, and as can be expected from the pair, it is a selection of four songs that push the listener, for it contains the unexpected and sublime, testing the boundaries of Pop music, forming their own niche in avant garde and alternative within the genre. The first song, Mrs Beaumont's Luncheon Has Been Canceled, has the feel of 30s Noel Coward, while maintaining a new and fresh appeal, almost a Miss Otis Regrets for the new millennium. With the accompaniment of horns and the harpsichord, they are set off by Lee's pitch-perfect vocals and unique phrasing, clearly defining this a song of today. The next track is Patrimony, which utilizes some of the same instrumentation, but never emanates a feeling of a period, and instead retains a timely texture, very current. As in the first track, Alexander's interesting and layered choices in instrumentation make Archy & Mehitabel an aural experience like few others. The next track is Thank You, which had it's own sound, a odd cacophony of theatrical builds, electrical charges, synthesizers, and layered vocal tracks that just begin to soar within moments of hitting play. And I suggest you hit play here to hear the track.

<a href="">Thank You by Archy and Mehitabel</a>

Finally, there is Under The Gun, an amphetamine-laced gospel song that takes the musical journey of a spiritual, as well as the rhythm, like a fine glass of wine that has been spiked with the prescriptions of both Judy and Liza. I am not sure how Lee and Alex hooked up [musically], but I can't imagine a more perfectly paired team. They write, arrange, record and perform their musical deserts in a way few incredibly talented people could. In four songs, they offer an array of styles and rhythms, as well as emotions, They play soft and easy, while other times injecting speed and dexterity, and often layering them all in a symphonic harmonic mix.

You can purchase the EP on Bandcamp for just $3.96 [or a greater price of your own design] by clicking here. You can find it on Amazon here, and LaLa here. And I am selfish enough to ask you to do it, so Archy & Mehitabel will continue to make music that pleases my ear and soul, and moves me to the edge of my seat wondering what could possibly be coming next. And you can take that journey with me, as well as with Lee and Alexander. You can check out their website here.



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