Wednesday, April 28, 2010

AI9 Which Vampire Saw The Light of Day

The top six performed last night, using the music of Shania Twain as a platform to stardom. Tonight, the show starts off with a montage of backstage and performance clips. Then Crusty emerges from the back of the audience and tells us 33 million votes were placed last night. And tonight we will see live performances by Rascal Flatts and Shakira, as well as performances by Sons of Sylvia and Lady Antebellum. So, there will be far more guests than contestants tonight. Par for the course.

To fit it all in, they go right to Rascal Flatts, and the lead singer defines the word nasal. After the song, he lap dances Crusty, and panic ensues. I had to laugh. Then we move to behind the scenes footage of the Ford video, where the idols will be portraying vampires - except for the victim, Big Mike. Is that a clue to what is to come? Mike staves off the vampires with an extra-garlic pizza, and drives off into the sunset.

Next up, the Idols get to check out a voice-over session for the movie Shrek Forever After, followed by a special screening, all the Idols wearing the 3D glasses. Afterwards, they talked about how much they loved it. The movie opens May 21st.

So, Crusty places the contestants in three groups of two: Siobhan far left, Aaron in the center, Big Mike near right, Lee far left, Casey near right and Crystal in the center. Crusty totes Siobhan to the near right, and announces her, Mike and Casey are the bottom three. Most experts said they thought Big Mike was leaving tonight, but it is still surprising to see Casey and Siobhan there with him.

Next up, the Sons of Sylvia are introduced by Carrie Underwood - they are normally her backing band. Tonight, they are young, pretty and hip - and stepping out on their own. Good for them. Crusty announced next week Harry Connick, Jr. will be the mentor, and the theme was the songs of Sinatra. Wow.

Lady Antebellum are up next, singing Need You Now. My 9-year-old niece was excitedly singing along. Excellent song - has been certified triple Platinum - good for them! Then Shakira takes to the stage, and performs with minimal intrusion by Rascal Flatts. Shakira misquotes Roosevelt, Crusty laughs, and we move on.

So, we move on to the elimination, and we find out Big Mike is safe! Shocker! This leaves Casey and Siobhan, and I am saddened, for I am a Casey fan and will miss him. What? Siobhan is going home? Really? Now that surprises me greatly, and I must say, she handles it well. She sings 'Think!' and does a great job, and hugs her family, and, finally, Simon. I am sure few saw this coming.


  1. I love reading your recap of the elimination show....saves me from having to watch it! Thanks for your diligence and commentary. No wonder you write the Best Music Blog!!

  2. My husband totally called this one. Neither of us have ever liked her and I have always been mystified at the good reviews she got over the weeks. Adios and have fun hitting the talk shows on Thursday.

    Next week no matter how good he does, Big Mike is history.

  3. Oh Cubby, I hope you're right.
    I cannot stand Mike.



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