Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AI9 Boys Need 'HELP!'

The show starts off with a video recap of the performance night, and Crusty telling us there might be a surprise or two. In the press today, there seemed to be a rather overwhelming thought that Andrew would be going home tonight. But it as far from unanimous, so you never know. from Tim to Katie to Aaron to Michael, many names were mentioned for the bottom group, let alone going home. Rickey and I were on the phone into the wee hours of the morning discussing who might leave, and who we think should leave. But as he is wont to do, Crusty announces that tonight, Jason Derülo, Rihanna, and David Archuleta will be performing.

The judges are introduced, and we are reminded the judges save is only good through the top 5. They list the things being made available in the online auction for Idol Gives Back. The group number starts off, a Beatles medley, and there seems to be a decent amount of autotune going on. And we discover Siobhan is not very good at lipsynching.

The Ford Video is Circles done with a kaleidoscope. Siobhan is up first, and Kara backtracks on her criticism. Siobhan is in the center of the stage. Crystal is next, and she joins Siobhan. Katie tells how she sang her song for her grandmother, and she joins the others on centerstage. Crystal is safe, and returns to the seats, and both are safe! No ladies going home this week!

That leaves six guys, three of whom will be in the bottom. After, of course, Jason Derülo sings. But first we hear Adam Lambert will be the mentor next week, an interesting move to say the least. Derülo sings In My Head and comes across a bit like Michael Jackson lite, but the performance does come alive halfway through. Afterward, we learn he was a protégé of Kara, and even Simon liked the performance.

They bring back David Archuleta to reprise his magnificent Imagine and he delivers, sitting at the piano. He does a really nice job, what a beautiful voice. Archie is just great in his interview, talking about the new album - should be out soon. And he has grown up a bit, looking more mature. Go Archie!

Time for more results. Two groups will form at the center of the stage, and Lee is up first. After some chatter, he heads to the far side of the stage. Big Mike is up next, and is assigned to be at the near side of the stage. Casey is pony-tailed, and joins Lee, who is looking like he is ready to pass out. Aaron gets to stand next to Big Mike. Tim and his ironed hair join Lee and Casey, and Andrew is placed with Mike and Aaron. They ask Ellen who is the bottom group, and she picks Aaron, Mike and Andrew, and she is correct. The person going back to safety is Aaron Kelly,leaving Big Mike and Andrew to sweat it out while Rihanna performs next.

She debuts her new single, Rock Star 101. I gotta say, this is one of the best live performances I have seen from her. By the end, however, the backup singers and the tracks take over as she plays the guitar. Still not bad, an enjoyable spectacle.

We are back for the results, and it is between two fathers, Mike and Andrew. The person safe is Andrew, making it Big Mike to perform for his life. They hand him the microphone, and he reprises, This Woman's Work, the Kate Bush song. Mike is singing the heck out of it, I'll give him that. The crowd is going crazy, and chanting 'Save, Save, Save!' Simon talks a bit, and the disappointment with the performance last night, and they unanimously decide to save him. The judges congratulate one another as if they did something special. The crowd is going crazy still, and contestants are crying. Perhaps they remember that two are on the block next week. Can Mike and Andrew escape the bottom, or does this set up a front runner for elimination?


  1. I loved David Archuleta's "Imagine" performance. It is so great to have a singer who can actually sing and does so with out all the over the top antics that other people use: pyro technics, dancers, crazy outfits, etc. David Archuleta is such a talented young man! His voice sounded great tonight!!

  2. Ha ha! Love the post title Howard. You so clever!

  3. I've always imagined Big Mike and Miss Bowersox in the finals this season. They are clearly the best, but Crystal should be the winner.

    What happened to Mike scares me because it is nearly inevitable that Crystal will end up on the chopping block (all the good ones do because people get complacent and fail to vote) and now there are no more vetoes to use.

    I haven't bothered to vote yet this season, but I think next week I better start leaning on the Bowersox button.

  4. crmoriaty, I totally agree!

    Behr, thank you!

    Cubby, while Crystal is a fave, can't say the same for Mike, at least for me. The veto was only good until Top 5, so it was just a few more weeks anyway.



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