Saturday, April 3, 2010

Live Music - Theo Tams in Toronto II

theo tams,toronto,the supermarket
theo tams,toronto,the supermarket
Photos by Sue Jackson

Now, I have only seen Theo twice in concert, and both times were over the internet, but I can say those experiences have convinced me to make a trip to Canada to see him live sometime soon. His voice is so sure and strong, and he has an amazing sense of phrasing. Of course, as an accomplished pianist, this musicality is second to none. I had run a video of a complete set from The Supermarket in Toronto earlier, here, from a concert on March 24th, He returned and did another set on March 31st, and I was lucky enough to catch that as well. In both shows he played seven songs, but did mix them up. My online friend, @Tigger7, was at both shows, and at the second show, videoed two songs. The first of those songs was These Clean Walls, a song written earlier this month. It is a beautiful, tender and personal song I really love.

He also covered a song performed by Britney Spears (or, as he says, 'It's Britney, Bitch') from her first album. Sometimes, is so sweet and tender, I really enjoyed it. He, of course, makes it his very own, with that special Theo spin on it.

Speaking of covers, Theo does an amazing version of Lady GaGa's Bad Romance. This version was taped at the March 24th show by SaraSmile09 - thanks Sara!

He also does an amazing cover of the Missy Higgins song, Where I Stood. The song is just so brave and personal, and Theo sings it with a grace that brings a tear to my eye watching. This was also from the performance on the 24th, but played at both shows.

For more about Theo, you can find his official website here, his Twitter account here (Follow him!), and his FaceBook here. I hope he is working on a next album, cause he is a talented young voice we need to hear.


  1. You mentioned that Theo is an accomplished pianist, but what people who aren't familiar with him may not realize is that he is completely self-taught on piano - never took a lesson. I think this is part of the reason he has such a unique style as he plays. Instead of adhering to rigid rules of playing, he learned to play what he was feeling in the music. This adds another dimension of emotion to his live performances. It is as fascinating and beautiful to watch him play as it is to listen to him.

  2. Tams Fan, I am still eager to go to Toronto and see this talented young man live for myself. I am just so impressed by his talent!



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