Friday, April 30, 2010

Worth Another Listen - Billy Joel

billy joel

Before he was marrying supermodels and putting out chart-topping albums, Billy Joel was the Piano Man, combining classic Pop with a jazz twist. As I am in New York to see Christopher Dallman tonight, I thought I would share one of my favorite Billy Joel songs, New York State of Mind. The song appeared on the 1976 album Turnstiles, arguably his best album. Yes, 1973's Piano Man had Captain Jack on it, but it was also saddled with the title track. Both, by the way, are in my collection.

Also on the album was the first cut, Say Goodbye To Hollywood, the uptempo song announcing his intention to leave California and return to New York, the state in which he was born. He moved there after signing with Columbia records, and found he missed the tempo and feel of the East Coast.

Prelude/Angry Young Man could also be found on the album, which included some complex and layered music that was exiting, combining Pop and Classical sounds to make for an incredible song. It was also very much a 'story song', something Joel became known for.

For more on Billy Joel, you can check out his official website here.


  1. When I worked for ASCAP in the mid-1970s, I was so zany for New York State Of Mind... this is still my favorite Billy Joel period. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I am a massive fan of Billy Joel. I still have to see him live - it's one of my dreams! I still play his music almost weekly!
    An Innocent Man is a huge album.
    I saw "Movin' On" - a play set to the music of Billy Joel - loved it!

  3. Billy Joel is another one of those wonderful performers, who still sounds as good today as he did way back then.

    God knows how many times I've played his tunes, and all the events in life he's helped me through, the good and bad, the fun and the serious. I'll never tire of BJ!



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