Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sue Sylvester Vogues

jane lynch,glee,sue sylvester

Words cannot describe the awesomeness. Jane Lynch, I love you. Crank it up, people!

Oh, yeah, I watched GLEE, thought it was very good. Jonathan Groff was an excellent addition to the show. Idina Menzel, another great casting winner, although I expect more to come for her. But, the winner of the night is Jane Lynch doing Madonna. Just Wow!


  1. HOWARD!!! Sue Sylvester is the SHIT!! I almost wet myself with laughter. I can not wait for Idina to sing though, was it me or did she look a little ragged and old on HD? But for me personally, I am sitting on pins and needles till Ms. Shue sings during the season.

  2. Sam, yes Sue Sylvester is all that, and a bag of chips! Yes, can't wait for Idina to sing, but can't give her too hard a time, when this was shot, she had recently given birth to her child with Taye Diggs!

  3. When did this come on?? I must have fell asleep early!! I hate that I missed this episode, cripes!!

  4. Big Mark - Glee came on after American Idol on Tuesday night, and the VOGUE video ended the show. Was wonderful!



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