Wednesday, April 21, 2010

AI9 Idol Give Back & Sends One Home

In what will surely amount to a over two hours of quasi-entertainment, as well as a results show, and I will try to hit some highlights, as well as the results.

Crusty welcomes us there and introduces the President and First Lady. They are completely charming, both complementing the effort of the show and encouraging people to give. Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Queen Latifah looks fantastic. I am a fan. What a bright light she is.

The top 12 is back together, and all in white. Crystal, Tim and Lee come out first, joined by the others. They are decked out in white. I missed the song completely, fascinated by the costumes. Sorry. Black Eyed Peas singing Rock That Body. OGM, this is terrible. Jeff Beck and Joss Stone with the Jubilation Choir. They perform I Put A Spell On You. It is an interesting cover, although I think the sound mixing was not the best. Would have liked a little more of Beck's guitar. Alicia Keys comes out to sing Unthinkable. After a rough start, she makes it to the ned of the song with minimal problems. There is Empire State of Mind Part 2. There were some rough moments here, too. More bad comedy involving Crusty, and then Carrie Underwood sings her song Change. She was exceptional, and schooled everyone else. Wow. Annie Lennox had a tape segment prepared, by the Icelandic volcano and the ash has prevented her from being at the show in person. Her video performance is brilliant, as always. Mary J Blige and her All Star Band step up to perform Stairway To Heaven. I was relatively unimpressed with this, which is strange, since I usually love Mary J. Elton John comes out to the stage with Queen Latifah, He talks about the increase of AIDS infections, and does a quick discussion of protection, including the mention of condoms on TV. Nicely done. Elton sings My Song, and does a nice job with it.

Video Rolls:
Jennifer Gardner visited a family to talk about a reading program, and Victoria 'Posh Spice' Beckham brought some kids out to discuss how programs supported by IGB has changed their lives. Ryan chats with the kids just 20 minutes into the show, giving Mike, Tim and Lee a little extra screen time. They are back with the results, and Crusty talks about the auction to host the show, and George Lopez, and he tells the kids to relax, he is judging the judges. The bit was not nearly as funny as they all thought it was. Randy and Morgan Freeman make a trip to Mississippi to talk about the Save The Children charity. Ellen and David Arquette, who remain serious until the end. They visit a food bank, doing vital work. Nice segment. Crusty sits with Bill & Melinda Gates about their concentration on Global healthcare. Turns out, Crusty can earnestly nod his head. Wanda Sykes comes out and does a few funny bits. David Cook is on now, and does a decent job with his report. Simon has a nice piece, announces they have raised $15 million in 2 hours, and still counting.

The Actual Point:
Crystal and Casey in the center of the stage. One is safe, and the other is in the bottom three. And Casey is in the bottom three, leaving Crystal safe. Now Aaron and Lee are out center, getting the Crusty recap. The person safe is Lee, and Aaron is in the bottom three. Wow, Lee took off for the seats , didn't he? But then it is time for more results. Big Mike, Tim and Siobhan are left. Crusty recaps as always. Siobhan is safe, leaving Tim and Mike center stage. Big Mike is safe, and Tim is in the bottom 3 with Casey and Aaron. There is a commercial break, and we come back for the results, running about 25 minutes late. The person safe is Aaron, leaving Casey and Tim in the bottom. The person leaving tonight is Tim Urban. The credits roll over the video of his journey, and he doesn't get the chance to sing out. Too bad. Again, the contestants are the least important factor in a show about them. Hmmmm.


  1. Greg and I were really pissed off last night when they didn't let Tim sing out. Has that ever happened before to any member of the top 10? I can't think of when. They should have cut out all that crappy non-humor with the celebrity impersonators answering phones.
    And I can't believe Casey was in the bottom 2!!

  2. I would have been happy with either Tim or Mike going. They both grate my nerves.



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