Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tonight The Twain Shall Meet

This post was originally written for Rickey.Org.

It is Shania Twain night on Idol, featuring the music of the guest mentor stopping by to offer advice to the contestants as they sing songs she has written and performed. Paint salesman, high school student, glass blower, mother, father, and construction worker. That is how Crusty describes the lives of the remaining contestants, saying they will be changed forever. Well, that remains to be seen, Crusty, cause it is not like Idol has made 42 stars of the first 8 Top six, have they? While they were household names for the weeks they were on the show, and even extending to their perspective tours, since then, there are several who have been long forgotten. Sure, Idol gives them a chance, but it becomes up to the kids if they can take advantage of the opportunity.

Shania remembers Lee from the Chicago auditions, and he is singing You're Still The One, She convinces him to hold back on the guitar, and open the song simply with just voice and piano. Wow, that was a rough start, vocally. When he tries to reach for notes without screaming, he often misses, landing flat. The audience is loving what he does with the song, and Randy admits to him being pitchy at the beginning, but pulled it together. Ellen doesn't care about the pitchy, she loved it. Kara noticed him smiling, and feels that means he understood it was a love song. Huh. Simon tries to mention some odd facial expressions, but Kara won't let him speak. Big Mike steps up to the plate, stinging It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing. Shania loves this song, and tells him to really feel it. He changes it up, taking it to an R&B ballad, taking the falsetto a little oddly, but starts sounding a bit rehearsed by the end. The judges, however, don't see it that way, thinking he totally connected and brought Luther Vandross to the stage. Simon thought it was a little 'wet', what I interpret as a bit overdone and dewey-eyed.

Casey takes his turn, singing Don't. Casey is excited about singing a song, realizing he let his guitar take over recent performances. Shania senses a lack of confidence, but thinks he can do it. Wow, I think Casey is nailing this. This is particularly good. That was really fantastic. The judges are thinking it is his best to date, and Simon makes him give Shania a kiss. She tells him he nailed it, she is so proud. Crystal is stiffing on stage in a cute dress chatting with Crusty. She says No One Needs To Know Right Now is a message to her boyfriend. Shania tells her to lighten up, it is a happy song. That was a funny moment. Crystal is singing rather well, but it goes a big odd in the middle. The falsetto isn't great, and there is a weird stop/stop thing happening. She pulls it back down by the end, and gets the falsetto under control. The judges love her, it is not her best, but they adore everything she does. Simon didn't like it, felt Crystal lacked conviction, and felt the song was forgettable. They point out Crystal's boyfriend, and make Crystal blush.

Of course Aaron would take on the big song, It's In The Way You Love Me, and Shania immediately notices he is preoccupied, and to just let go. Wow, another one who wonders off the rails a bit, struggling with the flat side of notes, but hits the big note at the end. The judges are all very nice to him, seemingly oblivious to the first half of the song. Interesting. Siobhan goes for Shania's big hit, Any Man Of Mine, a perfect choice for her. Wow, this is not as good as I thought it would be. Siobhan is a little out of breath, but ends with the hallmark big finish, and I am surprised. Thought it was good, but that it could have been great. The judges love it, but Simon thought the 'scream' sounded like she was giving birth.

Crusty wraps it up, and cuts to the recap video. He thanks the judges, the band, and Shania. For the results show, they have Rascal Flats, Lady Antebellum, and a few more acts, including Shakira. Wow. My favorite performance of the night was Casey, and my least favorite was Lee. I, however, expect that to mean nothing. I would not be surprised to see Aaron and Michael in bottom two. It is a gut reaction, and I could be totally wrong. What do you think?


  1. An utterly forgettable week for me I'm afraid. I don't do country music and nearly every song sung tonight was unfamiliar to me. I cannot stand the twang of the steel guitar. It makes me want to hammer a golden spike in one ear and out the other. The only instrument I hate more than the steel guitar is the harpsichord. If one of those is ever played on AI I swear I'll jump into the nearest volcano.

    Poor Ms. Bowersox. Why do those judges gang up on her like that? She wasn't bad, and compared to the others she was still very good. I called in 10 votes for her just now.

    Does anyone else think Aaron looks like a lesbian trapped in a boy's body?

  2. I loved everyone tonight except for Mike and Crystal... :)

  3. Casey was very good. Not to mention hot.
    Crystal was off, but off for her is still better than the rest.
    Sibhan got good at the end of the song, but I felt that was a bit late.
    Lee was good. It's nice to see him relax a bit.
    Aaron was in his element, but he's still so young.
    Michael Lynche is a poser in my mind. I don't like him.

    I want Mike gone.



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