Wednesday, April 14, 2010

AI9 When Nine Becomes Seven

We open with a recap of the last show, when the judges invoked the save rule and brought Big Mike back for another week. This serves as a reminder that two will be leaving this week, reiterated by mentor Adam Lambert. Speculation called Andrew as a definite dismissal, while there was no real agreement on the other slot.

Idol alumnus Brooke White and Justin Gaston, the model turned singer best known for dating Miley Cyrus, will be performing, as well as mentor Adam Lambert. Tonight, the top nine come out with a medley of Elvis hits, starting with the ladies. It was very 'Up With People' and milquetoast. Even more so than usual.

Ford music video, celebrating the Ford Fusion Hybrid with the Idols singing Light * Day/Follow The Sun. Odd that the cars disintegrated into what seemed like a grave to me, then being watered. Guess that passes for green these days.

Casey, Aaron and Andrew are asked to stand up and move to the middle of the stage. They are reread the judges comments from last night, and Crusty talks to Andrew, and it ends up being the end of the road for him, and Aaron and Casey are safe. Andrew sings out with James Morrison song You Give Me Something. There are plenty of hugs, and tears from the family and friends section.

When we return, Brooke and Justin will be performing an Elvis song - which is an interesting call, to say the least. To promote Idol Gives Back, we see a video of Season 5's Elliott Yamin with Kara to Africa, checking out a dorm being built for needy kids. I have to say, Elliott's music worked really well as background for the piece. This leads to Brooke and Justin, and she looks fantastic, and sounds pretty good. Justin looks pretty... I'll leave it at that. But did Brooke really have to laugh when he was singing? It is available for free on iTunes, but I don't think I will be rushing there soon.

Back to the eliminations, and the remaining six all move out on to the stage. Lee is up first, and Lee growls about having more fun, and Crusty moves on to Siobhan, mentioning the split with the judges. Next is Katie, with the split of the judges. Big Mike is next, hat in place, with the judges all liking his performance. He is so very grateful to still be around. Crystal is up, and they remind us Randy's thoughts of her as the next Bonnie Raitt. And then there is Tim, with nice things being said. Crystal is safe, and so is Siobhan. Crusty walks Lee to safety, leaving Tim, Mike or Katie in the bottom grouping.

Adam Lambert comes back to sing Whataya Want From Me, bathed in smoke and light. Starts out with a very dramatic opening, but there is an odd timing with the vocals and the video. I am not sure if there is a slight delay or what, cause it sounded live. The big voice is still there, that is for sure.

We are back with the results, and one will be going back to safety. and Tim is safe. This leaves Big Mike and Katie. Crusty mentions the one not leaving was not in the bottom three. The person leaving tonight is Katie, and Big Mike is safe. Wow, that leaves only two ladies and five guys, and Katie sings Let It Be. It is a rough sing out, and the obviously emotional teen trying her best to cover the disappointment. As the video rolls of their journey, the director zooms in for an uncomfortable close up of Katie falling apart a bit. They are brought to center stage, and Andrew is trying very hard to remain in control of his emotions. Tough one, that is for sure.


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