Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Follower - Raspberry Beret

new follower,raspberry beret new follower,raspberry beret
Raspberry Beret, and a picture of her with Wes Carr.

I'd like to welcome a new follower, who is also kinda an old friend, even though we've never met. The internets make things all kinds of confusing, don't they? Anyway, Raspberry Beret is a smart and bright Aussie gal, with a love for "music, lollies and cocktails that contain mint and lime." Sounds like our kinda gal, don't it? Anyway, she is also a fan of Wes Carr, the brilliant Aussie rocker I have featured here several times. In fact, while I whined about not being able to get his latest album on Twitter, she stepped right up not only to tell me where to buy, but where to order it at the best price! Who can ask for more than that! After all, shopping in a distant continent is only made easier with friends like her. She has her own music blog, called Rock Around The Clock. Check it out here.

Now, it only seems appropriate to welcome her with a bit of Australian joy, the man himself, Wes Carr, singing When We Were Kings (Acoustic). This is a cut from the album she helped me get in, The Way The World Looks. It is a great album, and a cool song.

Enjoy, and give Raspberry Beret a big welcome!

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  1. She is a sute as a button!! Hey now, Raspberry... welcome!!



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