Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Kathy


As today is my sister Kathy's birthday, I thought I might do something a little different than normal. When I was a kid growing up, I remember listening to her soul music - Motown, with Diana Ross and the Supremes, Jerry Butler and the Temptations, I also remember some of the early formation of my musical tastes with her 'rock' selection. But first, here are a few pictures.

eric himan,kathy,mandy,world cafe live
kathy,me,eric himan,world cafe live
kathy,bear kathy,tigger
Top: Kathy, Eric Himan & Mandy. 2nd Row: Kathy, Eileen, Margie & me. 3rd Row: Kathy and her grandson, Reed. Bottom: Her dogs, Bear & Tigger.

So, part her record collection was Blood, Sweat & Tears - the voice of David-Clayton Thomas was so very distinctive. I remember listening to the album time and time again, grooving to Lucretia McEvil, And When I Die, and, of course, Spinning Wheel.

Another band I recall listening to is Sugarloaf. They rocked a little harder than Blood, Sweat & Tears, who had more of a rock/jazz fusion going on. Sugarloaf, however, were a rock/pop band, and I loved them. Here is Green Eyed Lady.

Kathy or her daughter Mandy will often go to shows with me, as you can attest to the picture above with Eric Himan, or with my cousins Margie & Eileen, both pictures taken at Eric shows at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. She also accompanied me to the recent show of Aiden James. But way back when, when I was very young, I remember her putting her records on and just loving the sounds I was hearing. Little did any of us know at a future date, I would have a blog about music, and those sounds were still inspiring me today. Happy Birthday, Kathy!


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