Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Music - Pansy Division

Yes, you read that right, I said the Pansy Division. Yes, that Pansy Division, the veritable Queens of Homo-Core rock! The current line-up of the band includes Jon Ginoli, Chris Freeman, Luis Illades & Joel Reader. This particular Christmas Carol might not be for everyone, and I'd be careful if I was in an office or around children, but since we are consenting adults, and I am crazy about the boys! So get ready to rock it to Homo Christmas!

For more about the Pansy Division, you can find their official website here. For my first post about them, you can click here.


  1. These guys are outrageous! I love this song! -- JB/Queers on the Verge

  2. John, I love them. I have such a crush on Jon Ginoli! This is a great song, one I couldn't leave off my Christmas week.

  3. I love this one. Very Queer. Very Me.

  4. Kyle, I do love the Pansy Division!



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