Friday, September 10, 2010

Jay Brannan On Tour Fall 2010

Jay Brannan

Jay Brannan recently started a new tour, and I thought I would mention the dates, cause if you have a chance to see him live, I would say you should. He is amazing live, his voice lovely and clear, and a charm all his own. I have seen him twice, and loved it both times.

Here is a clip of Jay singing the Cranberries classic Zombie live. Lord, when he sings this, I get chills. For more about Jay Brannan, check out his official website here.


  1. You are so not alone when he sings his version of Zombie, I had tears the first time I heard him. He's an amazing man. Very gifted, very sweet and kinda shy.

    I did a little interview with him a little while ago regarding this tour.

    Thanks for amazing blog as always Howard, a man of such fine tastes!

  2. Jason, agreed, he is quite gifted. Thanks for your kind words, and I will be sure to check out the interview!

  3. Oh, I forgot about how I found Jay through your blog also. I have been listening to his stuff for quite a while now, and it was, as usual, because of you and your blog. You are so right about his talent.

  4. Gary, Hooray! Jay is an amazing talent!



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