Thursday, September 2, 2010

Billboard Top 5 - 1986


1986 was a transitional year in many ways, including in my own life. I moved into my own apartment in Park Slope. Bill & I had gone are separate ways, and lost touch for a bit. We have, however, been in touch, and he might, in fact, be reading this, and if so, hope he enjoys it. He was, and still remains, a good man. In music, however, we were seeing a greater influence of the women in rock, with trailblazers like Grace Slick, Debbie Harry and the ladies from The Go-Gos, making it possible for the top group on this list. And speaking of influences, the #5 song on the list is Sara by the band Starship. The song was from their first album since changing the name from Jefferson Airplane, the first single being We Built This City. The lead vocals were not Grace Slick, but Mickey Thomas. Here is Sara.

If there is a video, a song, or a performer who is more synonymous with 80s music, it is the combination of Robert Palmer, the song Addicted To Love, and his bevy of women in the video. Together, they made remarkable history, a glistening package that measured so much of pop culture. I don't know anyone who didn't love the song, and appreciate the video. I have to say, I am surprised the song finished at #4 for the year on the Billboard chart.

Mr. Mister had a bit of a run on the charts, and it included the amazing song Kyrie, my personal favorite of theirs. The song was rich and strong, a great addition to the musical line up for the year, and ended up in the #3 slot.

Stuck With You was a great camp song by the kings of pop charts in the 80s Huey Lewis & The News. After the resounding success of The Power of Love, the theme song to the megahit movie Back To The Future, the band seemed unstoppable, and for their next album, Fore!, their success continued. They charted 5 songs in the Billboard Top Ten, including the #2 song for 1986, Stuck With You.

Like I said earlier, with ladies like Debbie Harry, Grace Slick and the GoGos leading the way, a musical landscape included the fantastic band The Bangles, an all-female collection of talented young ladies. In their third single from their debut album, they had a surprising hit that topped the charts. Walk Like An Egyptian ended the year at #1, so here is the video.


  1. Ok this was awesome year, but for some reason I thought that "walk like......" was 1988 but it had to e 1986 since it was off the same album as Manic Monday!

    At the time I was nit liking Huey Lewis but now I like to listen to it, primarily since it was so vintage......I remember the cider so well! And speaking of videos.....addicted to love....oh good!

    Songs 7, 8, and 10 were not number 1's but they were so memorable from that period, particularly Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight"!

    Also one final note.....I have to admit I do like music departure of Starship in the 80's.....despite the fact that they did a 180 on their fans!

  2. SteveA, it was a great year, musically.

  3. For me... 1986 was great year. the apex of the mid-1980s, when I worked the most as an actor & had the most fun. Thanks for this trip down memory lane. I remember these tunes & this post takes me back.

    I still read you several times a week. I am sorry if I don't comment more... we bloggers love the comments... & you are one of my faves.


  4. Stephen, thank you. I, too, read your blog, but feel like I have been playing catch up since returning from Canada. So I've been reading, but not commenting. Go figure.



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