Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Night with StereoGoesStellar


On my recent trip to Toronto, I not only got the chance to see Theo Tams 3 times performing live, but also the band StereoGoesStellar. Unfortunately, all three shows I caught had limited setup space, so I never got to see the five-piece band in full force, as the first and third shows were limited to three, and the second had four members attending. But according to their website, StereoGoesStellar are made up of Mick Di Maio on guitar, Keith Howlett on bass, Iain Kennedy on guitar, Erik Stenlund on drums and Jeremy Coulter playing piano and lead vocals.

Their sound is very Pop/Rock with a bit of an edge and an exuberance that is hard to match. While their sound might sound like it is all élan and youth, the lyrics belie this fact, as they are smart and touching, adding a surprising depth to the band. Coulter's vocals are spot on, with just enough quirk to keep it all an interesting combination. While I didn't take any video of them myself - I was fearful of killing the battery before Theo played - I did manage to find some videos on YouTube to share, and to remember a significant part of a great extended weekend. The following clip is their official video for the song Far Too Gone.

Another song I really enjoyed was Eighty-Eight Keys. Like the earlier song, it can be found on their self-titled album. I'll leave a link at the end of the post for those who might want to purchase the album.

One of my favorite songs of their is the fantastic Wish Upon A Plastic Star. The music alone on this song is beautiful, and the lyrics only add to the package. I just really enjoyed the total experience, and find it every bit as satisfying on the recording.

While there, one of the things I was meaning to mention to Theo [cause once I got over my nerves about meeting him that first night, I could be my pushy, know-it-all-self] was what would have been nice if they did a song together. I don't know, I like it when I see that at shows. Hey, I still cherish the memory of seeing Tom Goss and Eric Himan performing together at the World Cafe Live, singing Last Train To Clarksville by the Monkees. Well, I never got aroundto mentioning it, but the following week, I saw that one of the ladies I met in Toronto had posted a clip of Theo and Coulter singing Good Mother together.

For more about StereoGoesStellar, you can check out their official website here. You can listen to some of their music there, or find them on MySpace here. You can purchase their eponymous album on iTunes here. I'll be honest, I was so wrapped up in the Theo Tams experience, I didn't purchase their album there, but I did download it once I got home. Too bad, I wasn't clever enough to buy it and have them sign it while there. Maybe next time.


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