Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Music from Joe McElderry

joe mcelderry

Who is Joe McElderry you are asking? He is the cutie who won X-Factor UK last season, and thanks to ElectroQueer, I saw the link to his new single, Ambitions. Since winning the competition, Joe has come out as a gay man, so good for him! The song is certainly pop, although, to tell the truth, it isn't the sound I thought Joe would be putting out, this Pop/Rock song.

When he won the show, he was saddled with the winner's song, The Climb. While I have to admit it was novel to hear the song sung with the right notes. But I thought this was going to be the type of song he sung.

I must say, I am glad they are giving him something else to sing. To find out more about Joe, check out his official website here.


  1. Even though he has won the X-Factor I really cannot see him having a high profile career. Although I wish him all the best.

    On a recent episode of the X-Factor a young man similiar to Joe in his style and music choice and the judges were in serious debate over the fact that there was no place in today's music industry for someone like him.

    The same could probably be said about Joe.

  2. Mind of Mine, the music business is so very odd right now, I have a tough time making predictions. There are many talented people who can't get a contract, and less-talented people topping the charts. So I wish him luck, say that he is pretty, and wait to see what happens.

  3. I'm not sure about him, really, the whole "I'm not gay, I'm not gay' thing all way through the x-factor thing, then just when wait for it, "Oh yeah I am Gay" Hmm

    His voice is pleasant, he has potential, but his career is already faltering. His attitude isn't helping either.

  4. Jason, can't say I am a fan of his voice, nor did I realize he denied being gay. Just found this song to be an odd choice for him.



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