Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Miss Being Human Already!

being human,season 2

With the season finale on last Saturday night, I am already missing Being Human. Their season lasted only 8 episodes, just not enough time for me to get my fill of George and Mitchell. And, of course, Annie & Nina. But really the gorgeousness that is Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner. So I just figured I would post this fan video of George and Mitchell - The Being Human Boys.

You just know I will be watching this season again soon. You can find out more about Being Human online at their official website here.


  1. I can't believe the season is over already! Way to short. I hope we do not have to wait too long to see these sexy guys.

  2. I don't know what this is....but I am intrigued oh yes very intrigued. I need the name of the sone playing - and the group of course.

  3. Queer Haven, I totally agree! More than 8 shows, please.

    Behr, The song is 'Animal I Have Become' & the group is Three Days Grace. Hope that helps you out.



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