Sunday, September 19, 2010

Six New Followers

new followers new followers
new followers new followers
new followers new followers
Top: Sizzlyn & Kathy. Middle: Melony [with Theo Tams] & Miss Holly Housewife. Bottom: Gabrielle & Bjorn.

OK, it has been a buys couple of weeks, and I have been derelict in my duties. Since last reported, there are six new members of the Soundtrack family, and it is way past time I have welcomed them. So, Sizzlyn, Kathy, Melony, Holly, Gabrielle and Bjorn.

Sizzlyn is someone I am familiar with on Twitter and on the blog The Chris Dallman Connection, where she is a host. She is from Singapore, and from what I can tell, is very smart and sweet. Kathy and Melony are two of my Tams-manian devils, sharing my love for the music of Theo Tams. Kathy is an online buddy, as I did not get a chance to meet her on my sojourn in Toronto. Melony, on the other hand, kept me company for all three shows I went to, including the one with the unfortunate view in Oshawa.

I might be mistaken, but I don't think that picture really is Miss Holly Housewife, but I would say the picture captures her thoughts well, as she has a bit of a retro feel, a fondness for the 40s, 50s and 60s. She has two blogs, Being Bree Hodge and Through the Looking Glass... Into Never, Neverland. BBH celebrates housewifery in the style of a Desperate Housewife, while TTLGINN talks about and celebrates vintage Pop culture. Gabrielle does not have a blog of her own, but describes herself as I'm a silly, vegan, gluten free, cancer survivor, 22 year old college student that is addicted to Facebook, Twitter... oh yeah & my Blackberry! so I am sure many can identify! And, finally, there is Bjorn, a blogger in charge of Bjorn's Brutzelbude. Bjorn is German [I believe] and his blog covers anything from cute boys, pop culture, to tidbits of Bjorn's personal life. The blog is written in German, but there is a translate button just below some pictures of Bjorn, so you can read it easily.

And for the traditional greeting, I feel the need to offer a couple of videos, as I was a naughty boy who is a bit tardy, so I have figured out I would go with three videos. First up will be Theo Tams singing Weak In The Knees, because when I check in to find additional followers, I feel just that. This clip of the Serena Ryder song is from the show in Etobicoke I attended last month.

For those liking the mid-century style, I offer you Fly Me To The Moon by one of my favorite groups, Westlife. Yes, they aren't mid-century themselves, but they do a fantastic job with the song, and the Allow Me To Be Frank album is a winner for sure! I used the song in a slide show for my parents 50th anniversary.

And, finally, for those who like their music in the singer/songwriter vein, there is the amazing Christopher Dallman singing Subterranean, a glorious song . The clip is from a show in Los Angeles earlier this year. I love the song, and was going to say it is a favorite from his recent stuff, but all his songs are so good, I can't pick a favorite.

So, here is hoping everyone feels welcome and at home here at Soundtrack to my Day, and we get to know you a bit more and we get a chance to chat!


  1. Theo's CD is quite nice! Thank you so much

  2. Wonder Man, so glad you like it! I fell in love with it when I heard it.



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