Friday, September 10, 2010

Christopher Dallman Upcoming Dates

christopher dallman

The gifted and talented California-based singer/songwriter has a couple of shows coming up, and as someone who has been in the audience for his live performances, I would say get to whatever show is close as soon as you can! Whether he is singing his own very personal music, or doing a sensitive cover song, Christopher Dallman is certainly an artist you'll want to follow. e will be appearing with Philadelphia-based artist Aiden James, so check out the dates.

For those not familiar with Chris in concert, check out the clip below. e is singing Mistake, a song off his debut album, Race The Light. It was listening to this album that got me hooked on the him, and if you give a listen, you will see why.

For more on Christopher Dallman, check out his official website here.


  1. I wish I was over that side of the Atlantic to be able to enjoy this wonderful man in person. His voice and depth is amazing.

    I adore his Green Camaro and Never Was Songs, they head up my most played list in iTunes!

  2. Jason, we would have so much fun, attending shows together! And having met Christopher, he is just so very sweet in person.



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