Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anthony Callea's Valentine

I love me some Anthony Callea, and have oft said he has the voice of an angel. He is adorable, hot, sexy, out and proud, and so freakin' talented. As I announced a bit ago, Anthony is opening for Whitney Houston on the Australian leg of her World Tour. It seems whenever pop stars go down under, they want Anthony by their side. Ask Celine, and now Whitney. I just wish one of them would being him back to the States so I could hear that delicious voice live. Like, for instance, this performance of Hurt So Bad from his self-titled debut. The song is sexy and smooth, and he sings it pitch-perfect.

Also from the debut, Per Sempre is a gorgeous song Anthony takes to a different place with the acoustic guitar accompaniment. And when he sings in Italian, it takes my breath away.

On his more recent release, A New Chapter, Anthony has a stronger song, like on the song Hearbeat. All about the love, Anthony combines a sexiness with a sweetness, keeping this song playing on my iPod.

The first CD is available on iTunes, although the second is not. Both can be purchased on Amazon, but are considered imports. I have ordered the live DVD and can't wait for it to arrive. I look at the DVD as my way of seeing him live, since I don't see myself flying to Australia any time soon. But if you like what you hear, buy it and you won't regret it for a moment. For more information about Anthony, you can check his website.


  1. Another great blog Howard. Keep up the great Callea're gonna love the DVD. :)

  2. Oscar, thanks for stopping by! As long as I am blogging, I will be promoting Anthony - I just love him. Can't wait for the new CD! Hopefully, I will be getting the DVD in the next couple of weeks - it is coming from Australia.

  3. I hope the DVD arrives soon, Howard. Contact me on YouTube if I can help.

    Your blog is brilliant.

    Did you see the campaign to get him on Ellen?


  4. Hi Howard, What a great blog and thanks so much for promoting our Anthony.
    If you would like some free CDs to give away out there(singles / albums) I have some spare copies. I am contactable on ACOF Anthony callea's Official Forum under the name Heather.

  5. mairanya, thank you so much. I will try to find the campaign, I'd love to get his foot in this country!

    Anon (Heather) thank you. I love Anthony, Have both CDs, and hope to have the DVD soon. I am already a member on ACOF, and will try to find you! Thanks for stopping by.



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