Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Worth Another Listen - Godley & Creme

Kevin Godley and Lol Creme first met in the late 50s, working in the music industry. But the British boys didn't really start working together until 1969, working in a band that eventually morphed into the band 10cc. That group was together from 1972 until 1983, when the band retired. Only Kevin and Lol didn't make it all the way, stepping on their own in 1977. Their early music was not received well by the critics nor fans. But their third album, Freeze Frame, saw their first success, while not in the US, in Europe. The song was An Englishman In New York, their own song, different from the Sting song of the same name.

Ths next album, Ismism, showed strong on the charts in the UK, placing #4 on the album chart, and the song Under Your Thumb taking the #3 spot on the singles chart.

But their greatest success was yet to come, at least for a few years. In 1985 they released The History Mix Volume 1, a compilation of remixed versions of songs from earlier albums, and the first to make headway in the US market. The album went to #37 on the Billboard chart, lead by an original song with a groundbreaking video. Cry had a look and feel of no other video before it, and was thought to be on the cutting edge of technology. A true sign of this was the fact it was quickly followed by other videos and television commercials that imitated the treatment. The song went to #16 on the US chart, their first entry in tat elusive club.

By 1987, after decades of being together, Kevin and Lol went their separate ways, with Lol staying in music, and Kevin continuing directing music videos, while keeping his hand in music as well.


  1. Love the video Cry. wow, I feel old.

  2. Wonder Man, I hear you. And it is a great video.

  3. I remember the video on MTV and all the nominations it got at the VMA's. My sis was a huge fan of this song and eventually it grew on me. Love it!

  4. SteveA, yes, it was winning all the video awards!



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