Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Wake Up w/Garrin Benfield

He is a longtime favorite of mine, with his California-cool stylings never failing to lift my heart and my mind. Garrin Benfield is a native of San Fransisco, combining the West Coast rock with folk flavors marinated in stew of cool jazz. First up is Where Joy Kills Sorrow, the title song from his 2004 album, the first of his to find it's way into my collection, and certainly not the last. In fact, I have them all. Hopefully this gorgeous song will nudge your eyes open just a little bit more than they were before.

And perhaps Give Peace A Loop can step up the waking process up a little, and give you a chance to sway a bit in your chair. There is a Haight-Ashbury feel, as Garrin offers some really wonderful guitar playing, and layers his live performance with the aid of a loop machine, giving a really full and hypnotic sound to a man at a microphone playing his guitar.

If you really need to wake up, there is I Let You Go, a country-spiced toe-tapper, and I defy anyone to listen and not need to get up and move. The song is from the Garrin Benfield Band album August Live, and it is a prized piece of my music collection. You can find out more about Garrin at his website or on MySpace. For now, relish in this video.


  1. I've never heard of him, but I like his sound. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Stan, I love his music very much. Glad you enjoy him.



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