Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Four Asked To 'Leave Right Now'

Both the ladies and the gentlemen have had their chance in the spotlight, and now we shall see what the voters have to say. Will they be sending home the weaker performances, or will personality and looks play a part in the four who are getting the tickets home tonight? Will it be someone the producers made sure we got to know very well, or someone we have barely met? Will the voters take for granted what the judges said about some of the contestants who cracked under the pressure of the first show?

Seacrest comes on to say over 20 million votes were cast, and both Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen will be performing on the show. Crusty babbles on with the judges, and we see Kara's hubby, perhaps to preempt the lawsuit producers fear. The Top 24 sing American Boy, a song made popular by the glorious Estelle with help from Kanye West. Well, the arrangement is just with side of elevator music, but it wasn't that bad. Not that good, but could have been worse.

The results begin, Siobhan is safe. Haeley is glittery and safe. Michelle is safe. Katelyn is also safe, leaving Katie and Janell. Randy cannot say who is safe and who will be going, It is Janell who will be singing her way out the door. They return from commercial to introduce Allison Iraheta, who placed fourth last season, to sing her new single, Scars. It is a pleasant song, not a great one. She is amusing with Crusty, who never figured out how to talk to the girl.

More results, and Paige is safe. Next up is Lacey. and she is surprisingly safe. Lilly is safe, and finally breathes. Crystal is there, looking nervous, but is safe, leaving Ashley and Didi. To drag it out, Crusty asks Ellen how the person leaving should cope. Didi is safe, and Ashley is leaving us tonight. Again, we have to hear a person just told few people liked hearing them sing a song give it another shot as their last chance in the public eye - hey, history proves that point.We won't hear from most of the people who make the finals, let alone the semi-finalists.

After a break, they mock Tyler - which seems odd, since he does a fine job on his own. They start with Big Mike, and he is safe. John Park is next, and safe. The 'intimidating' Aaron is safe. Todrick is next, safe. This leaves Tim and Joe. Could this be the first surprise? Tim is safe, and Joe is going home. Apparently, cute does beat talent. What a shame.

Reigning AI Champion Kris Allen comes out to talk about his recent trip to Haiti, and perform the Beatles song, Let It Be. It was nice.

Casey is safe, although they refuse to let go of the Kara thing. Jermaine is next, and is safe. Lee is also safe, as is Andrew. That leaves Alex and Tyler. Alex looks nervous as all get out, and Tyler is leaving. And Tyler thinks the the judges didn't tell him he sucked soon enough. All four get a single goodbye package, to Leave Right Now, sung by Will Young, the first winner of Pop Idol in the UK, thus making him the Daddy of all Idols. I like Will's music, and his latest video is a hoot! Check out my post on him here. Then Tyler sings out, only to be cut short, much like his stay on the show.

I can't tell what that means. The worst performances did not go home, although there is some question about personalities. But Tyler was the only person who was given extended screen time to catch a flight home, so perhaps his personality did not catch on with the voters.


  1. I'm glad you posted this; I'm not going to watch the results show (it conflicts with Survivor). I don't understand this season so far; I have yet to see/hear someone who just makes me say "WOW"

  2. I think I'm going to write a song and call it "Get Off the Stage" and sell it to American Idol to use next year.

  3. Ashley's was one of the worst performances, easily. That was definitely at least ONE right call, and a blessing from a higher power.

    While Tyler's wasn't directly on the bottom for me, his was lame enough to warrant it. Also, he has rabid fans, so it's a relief.

    I think Janell was silly for not playing her guitar. Instruments garner double the votes, and would've at least taken her to the Top 16. Pity, as that one Hollywood performance was pretty good.

    The only one I'm sort of annoyed about is Joe, who gave one of the few good guy performances. He was in no way a Top 12 contender, but he deserved another week, just for his own personal sake, so that's a pity.

    I hope some of the mediocre people go this week. Trainwrecks like Haeley, Tim, and Alex are fun to keep around in the semis for entertainment value, knocking out the middle-grounders, and allowing the more talented underdogs to shine.

    I'm craving to see a Jermaine elimination ASAP. And the sooner Katie, Casey, Todrick, and John go, the better.

  4. Behr, not sure I get this season and the voters yet, either.

    Larry, do it!

    ePastorJames, Every year, this is a tedious part of the show, as there is still mediocrity, fat needing to be trimmed. I felt for sure Tim was leaving here, and didn't. I am hoping once some get their feet under them, better things are in the offing.



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