Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Video - Theo Tams

This rather impressive young man did something out of the ordinary, which is to release a video for his current single, Wait For You from his debut Give It All Away, not with a story-heavy video of him lip syncing to the song, he instead has a video of just him and a piano, performing live, moving me greatly. Theo Tams, whose talent I already appreciated greatly, stepped it up, and made me love the song even more.

After watching this many times over, I still can't get enough. And I curse Theo under my breath, thinking I will have to go to Canada to see him performing live, which means I will have to cross the border and tell a guard I am going to see a boy singing who is more than half my age. And I might have to scream for him like I was a teenage girl at a Jonas Brothers concert. I hope the Canadians will be ready for me.

For more about Theo Tams, check out his official website here, his MySpace here, and his Twitter here. Damn, I love this video.

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