Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Night Party - Pansy Division

Pansy Division photo pansy-division2_zps19d78fda.jpg

To start the celebration of Valentine's Day weekend, I thought I would offer up my Queercore favorites. I love Pansy Division so darn much, but fear I must state they are NSFW and all that. They are brash, bold, and there isn't a subtle bone in their bodies. But they rock, and I own their music! So, I wanna dedicate this to Tranny Beth, and her love of this upcoming holiday. Beth, this Pansy break is for you.

I'm Gonna Be A Slut

You're Gonna Need Your Friends

Horny In The Morning

He Whipped My Ass In Tennis

For more about the Pansy Division, you can find their official website here. For my first post about them, you can click here.


  1. Oh, you're evil! Beth is gonna kill you! LOL (I love it!)

  2. Beth, I think TrannyBeth will appreciate my translating her feelings with one of my favorite bands! Or not. LOL

  3. David, glad you can appreciate the dedication!



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