Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Nite with Patsy Cline

I have covered Patsy before, but she has so much great music and the mellow mood of a Sunday night certainly points to something like her music so here we go. Her voice is glorious and special, and was silenced way too young when a plane she was riding in ran into a mountain. But she did manage to leave quite a wealth of music, sung with a pure and noble voice who could put a smile as well as rip your heart out of your chest, at times in the same song. Before she died, Cline only record three studio albums, and yet leaves a rich legacy of hits that are still played on the radio today. One of those songs is Crazy, the song penned by Willie Nelson, a crossover hit for Patsy in 1961, #2 on the US Country chart, #9 on the US Singles chart, and #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

Walking After Midnight started off 1957 right for Patsy, placing #2 on the Country chart, and #12 on the Pop Single chart. The depth of her voice is so clear on this song.

Blue Moon of Kentucky proved Patsy wasn't just the queen of ballads. Written by Bluegrass great Bill Munroe, it showcased the strength and breathe of Cline's talent.

She's Got You was a hit in 1961, #1 on the Country chart, and #3 on the Adult Contemporary chart. The heartache of the other woman is explicitly portrayed to perfection in Cline's voice.

Patsy Cline died in 1963, leaving countless great songs and hits. One can only imagine if she were to have lived, what a great catalog we would have.


  1. You're right, Howard.
    Patsy is perfect for a mellow Sunday night. Thanks.

  2. I listen to her greatest hits CD all the time. Such an amazing talent.

  3. Bob, Patsy is kinda perfect anytime. But a mellow Sunday night, most definitely.

    Michael, An incredible talent lost far too young.

  4. Patsy is perfect for the end of the night always. I grew up loving Patsy and have often asked what would country music look like today if she had lived longer.

    When I lived in Virginia, some of my friends would ask for a ride home from the bar on the condition there would be no Patsy. Seems absolutely crazyto me.

  5. Kailyn, I also grew up loving her music, and think she might have changed Country music even more had she lived.



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