Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 2010 Snowpacolypse

The State of Delaware is in a state of emergency, so no vehicles are allowed on the road, and all the malls are closed. So far, we have an estimated 20" of snow, with another couple hours of snow expected.

My sister waving for the camera.

The barn is a bit buried.

Snow outside the door.

Dave working the snow blower.

Kathy throwing a snowball at me.

View from my window.

So far, we haven't lost power, but in Sussex County, DE, 40,000 people have.


  1. Nice pics. Only 8" here in Ohio. The East Coast has had MUCH more snow than Ohio this year, very unusual. But as they say, better you than me!

    Your sister throws like a girl!! :-)

  2. We had our big snow in December. Enjoy the beauty of the snow, and hope your power stays on.

  3. We got absolutely ZERO snow. After all that freaking out ... ZERO.


  4. Larry, who'd a thunk we'd think 8" is not much...

    EmcogNEATO, Definitely staying warm!

    Bucko, We've had more snow than I ever remember having here!

    David, I gladly would have shared.

  5. brrrrrrrrrr that looks so cold. I spoke with my sister yesterday and she said they have 8" of snow on the ground with another huge storm approching.

    I am so happy that I moved down SOUTH. =o)

    Enjoy your snow my friend.

  6. Beth, I did! But more snow to come!

    Allen, South sounds very good about now. LOL



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