Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Worship - What Matters More

He is a Str8 Christian singer/songwriter who likes to test the boundaries, and he might have pushed too far when it came to one song. Last summer he was set to release a solo album entitled Stockholm Syndrome when the Christian label balked, turning it away. Instead Webb took to the internet, and released it on his website. It seems a main bone of contention with the label was the song What Matters More.

I just have to point out how refreshing it is to hear a Christian pointing out the flaw in much of today's Christian political movement, which is often flying directly in the face of the very teachings and so-called 'Good Book' they claim to be promoting. The song calls for an end of putting out hate into the world rather than increasing it, and says judgment of others is not the answer. How novel, a Christian man who seems to have an understanding of what being Christian is all about.

For more about Derek Webb, you can visit his website here. I'll be honest with you, heard this song and had to check it out, and learned a bit about him, so I can't really recommend his other music, but you can check it out for yourself. And today, Valentine's Day, remember, it is love that counts.


  1. It certainly is refreshing to see a Christian being Christ-like.
    Tis a rarity.

  2. Interesting perspective and I did enjoy the song.

  3. Bob, I hear you. That is why I thought I'd share it.

    Bucko, I like it, too!



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