Saturday, February 27, 2010

Schoolhouse Rocks Civics

Between 1973 and 1980, 37 exceptional installments of children's television were produced and televised, and I remember loving every minute of it, despite not being a child myself at the time. In spots running only three minutes, these cartoons taught lessons in grammar, history, science, math and other subjects.

In part two of this Saturday morning feature, we move on to civics. Once again, I learned so much from these clever bits, and I'm Just A Bill is another song I sing because I can. It is irresistible, I tell you.

I'm Just A Bill

The Great American Melting Pot

Sufferin' Till Suffrage


  1. I always like "Just a Bill" but I think the VMA has to go to "Conjunction Junction!"

  2. "Just A Bill" taught more information about federal government to more kids than anything before or since. Brilliant.

    And I too still remember every word.


  3. These were simple but extremely informative spots that completely covered the basics of whatever lesson they had to impart. Great learning tool!

  4. Miss Ginger, LOL

    David, I know, I sing along, no matter how long it has been!

    Big Mark, they were brilliant! Think they could still work.



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