Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Worth Another Listen - Rosanne Cash

The daughter of legendary Country star Johnny Cash, Rosanne owned the 80s in Country music. During the decade, she released 17 songs which appeared in the Top 20 on the Country charts, including an incredible 10 that reached #1. The song that started the parade is still one of my favorites, Seven Year Ache. Released early in 1981, the perfectly written piece came from her own pen, showing much talent. It was the first single off her second album, and proved not only to be a Country hit, but also reached #22 on the Pop chart. This is a video of Rosanne singing it live, and it just wow's me.

Her fourth #1 came in 1985, off the fourth album Rhythm And Romance. It also showed some crossover power, getting to #16 on the Adult Contemporary chart. I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me has a gorgeous melody and smart lyrics, again written by Cash, and co-written by then-husband Rodney Crowell.

In 1988, Runaway Train became the ninth #1 song of the decade, the fourth off King's Record Shop. The song was written by John Stewart was a member of the legendary Kingston Trio as well as being a prolific songwriter, with songs like The Monkee's Daydream Believer to his credit.

Rosanne continued to record great music, until undergoing brain surgery in 2007. After taking some time for recovery, she is back to work, including working on The List, the 2009 release that was made up of songs from the list of the Top 100 Country songs given to her be her late father. One of my favorite songs is 500 Miles (Away From Home), a song copyrighted in 1961. I love the version by the Kingston Trio and also Peter, Paul & Mary. The Hooters also did a killer version of which I am quite fond. Well, here is Rosanne's version of the great song.

For more about Rosanne Cash, check out her website here. She is a talented, beautiful, and courageous lady, with so much great music shared with the world.


  1. Oh man, Howard. You did it again! Made my day. I have loved Roseanne Cash forever, and have all her music. One of my favorites, from King's Record Shop, is Tennessee Flattop Box, which was written by her father.
    She really is something special.

  2. She is so talented. I need to get more of her stuff for my iPod. She was recently in Minneapolis for a concert but I couldn't go. I was depressed.

  3. Worth listening INDEED! A very talented girl. @Bob: Tennessee Flattop you remind me of my childhood. thanks



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