Sunday, February 7, 2010

In The Life - Jullianne Moore & Christine Vachon

Top: Julianne Moore & Christine Vachon; Bottom: Vachon, Moore & Todd Haynes.

Long-time collaborators, screen actress Julianne Moore and Killer Films co-founder and producer Christine Vachon talk about lesbian representation in film, the state of queer cinema and homophobia in Hollywood. Their discussion is fascinating to me, hearing some truly interesting stories about working in the movie industry.

To find out more about In The Life, click here. It is a wonderful resource for the LGBT community, creating a strong library for current and future generations. IF you can, think about giving money to them and click the 'Donate Now' button on the site. You can also fill in your zip code and find when the monthly installment will be playing in your area.

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