Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Music - Billy Dortch

Billy Dortch Billy Dortch

So I was watching LOGO's NewNextNow PopLab, and in between lame videos for Mariah Carey and Michelle Williams, I saw one I needed to check out. It was Billy Dortch and the song was Breathe. Now, I had never heard of Billy Dortch before, and had to look around the internet for information. Sadly, I found damn little about him. I would like to know more, but I am funny that way.

Billy Dortch Billy Dortch Billy Dortch
Photobucket Photobucket
Billy Dortch Photobucket

First, let me point out the obvious, he is devishly goodlooking. One site I found was his modeling webpage, which makes sense. Boy's gotta pay the rent 'til the music thing takes off. And there is a MySpace page, which offers some lovely photos [see above] and the video. Not too much information otherwise. I also found a couple of articles, and they were helpful for my anal-retentive issues. Billy is 25, and a native of Sacramento, California, and moved to Los Angeles in 2006. And yes, he is an out gay man. It was in LA he really found his voice as a singer/songwriter, and made his first demo last year. He has two singles on iTunes [I bought them both], Breathe and Goodbye, Goodbye.

I am liking what I hear, and think there is some growing that will be happening over the next few years - his phrasing can get a little lazy and stilted - but he has a nice emotional grip on the material. Breathe is the better of the two singles, but I like them both. This is where I usually give the links so you can learn more, and so I will, even though the pages don't have a tremendous amount of info on them. So, you can find the MySpace page by clicking here, and his Model Mayhem page here.

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