Friday, August 7, 2009

Great Music - Johnny Hazzard

Johnny Hazzard Johnny Hazzard

Johnny Hazzard might be best known as a star of countless Chi Chi LaRue films, mainly of the gay pornographic variety, since 2003. But since then, Mr. Hazzard has been branching out a bit, while maintaining his 'position' in the porn world. Late in 2004, Johnny did some modeling at the request of Boy George and went on to be featured in an ad campaign for Rufskin Denim. In 2008, using given name Frankie Valenti, Johnny appeared in the HERE! TV show The Lair, a rather homocentric vampire series. He worked as a music reviewer for Frontiers magazine, Southern California's oldest and largest LGBT publication. And in 2006, he released what remains his one and only music single, Deeper Into You.

Johnny Hazzard Johnny Hazzard Johnny Hazzard
Johnny Hazzard Johnny Hazzard Johnny Hazzard

As once might expect, it isn't great art, nor is it without innuendo, but I do kinda like it. It's been on my iPod for some time. Call it a guilty pleasure, whatever, but hey, it's my iPod, right? And he is cute as a freakin' button, and from interviews and comments from others, Johnny sounds like a great guy. His friend Boy Wonder [certainly not to be confused with the delightful Wonder Man who has a great blog] had this to say about Johnny, "He was terribly intimidated by all of the other models in the show, which is something I found hard to believe. That's one of the charming things about him. In his mind he's still the little pothead outcast from Ohio." Kind words that also make me laugh.

For more on Johnny [and God only knows, there is plenty more], you can visit his official website here, for his blog site click here, and his filmography [x-rated] could be found at TLA. There are also a couple of YouTube videos of Johnny dancing to the music of others. They are here and here.


  1. I had no idea he released a song. It's not bad!

  2. Howard, it amazes me how much I learn here at your blog LOL...I thought I knew a lot about music and a little about Chi Chi LaRue stars, AHEM!

    I love the video! And the song too!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Michael, like I said, it lives on my iPod.

    John, glad I can offer a bit of education about porn stars in music - LOL

  4. What a fun post Howard! Thanks for the video and recommendation.



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