Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Episode - Being Human (Episode 5)

being human,aidan turner
being human,russell tovey being human,aidan turner
being human,lenora crichlow,russell tovey being human,lenora crichlow

Episode 5 of Being Human is on tonight at 9PM (8PM Central) on BBC America. Mitchell is angry and disheartened by the human race, and returns to the fold of Herrick and his vampire followers. There is nothing quite as sexy as a disillusioned vampire, is there? Dark, mysterious, and just wanting to suck, right? He plots with Herrick to start recruiting new forces from the terminal ward of the hospital. But he meets up with Josie, a former lover, who is terminal as well. George lures Owen to the house so Annie can haunt him, but the murderer just scoffs. George is trying to work out his relationship with Nina.

being human,aidan turner being human,aidan turner
being human being human

Will Mitchell continue down the spiral he is on and work with Herrick to allow no one be left behind? Will Annie be able to convince Janey that Owen is a killer? Can Annie reconcile why she is a ghost and not moving on? Can George save the day, or has Mitchell wandered away too far?

lenora crichlow,being human being human,russell tovey
being human,russell tovey,lenora crichlow being human,lenora crichlow,aidan turner,russell tovey

Season 1 of the series has only one more episode, so stay tuned. The accompanying pictures are screencaps from the episode. For more information, the Being Human website can be found here.

being human,aidan turner


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