Thursday, August 27, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Meatloaf

I don't think we could have possibly made it to the end of a party during my freshman or sophomore year of college with listening to Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf. After imbibing or whatever of the substances available to us, there would always hit that point in the party when someone would put the record on the turntable, and we would go wild with delight. And there was no more fun time when you were of questionable sobriety and performing Paradise By The Dashboard Lights with friends. Good times!


  1. I dig Mr. Loaf.
    I did a post about his former back up singer earlier this month:

    Thanks for an always interesting blog.

  2. Stephen, glad it is good music for you, too!

  3. This album cover was one I truly loved. when I first saw it I thought it was some sort of hard rock/metal - but then my brother played it for me and wow! Still a classic album.



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