Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Episode - Being Human (Episode 2)

being human,russell tovey being human,aidan turner,lenora crchlow
being human,aidan turner,lenora crchlow being human,russell tovey
being human,russell tovey,lenora crchlow being human,dean lennox kelly

New episode of Being Human tonight at 9PM [8PM Central] on BBC America. Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow and Aidan Turner return as George, Annie and Mitchell respectively. I love this show. The guest star tonight is Dean Lennox Kelly, the very sexy actor I first saw on the hilarious British show Shameless. The pictures are all screencaps from Episode 2.

being human,aidan turner being human,lenora crchlow,aidan turner
being human,russell tovey being human,russell tovey,aidan turner

In tonight's episode, George finds werewolf pride and a buddy in Tully. Annie and Mitchell enjoy Tully at first, but then things start to change, including George. Then a revelation changes everything. And a DVD arrives, but it ain't from Netflix. Will our favorite werewolf, ghost and vampire survive?


  1. Haven't seen this yet but plan to.

  2. Joy, I certainly love this show. I have DL'ed all six episodes already, and watched them, because I am geeky that way. But I loved every second of it.



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