Friday, August 7, 2009

Worth Another Listen - The Who

the who the who

I love The Who, a band on the front end of the British Invasion. In the early 60s, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and John Entwistle were in a band, the Detours, that was playing the pub & club circuit in the UK, making a living. After a few changes in the lineup, and the addition of drummer Keith Moon, they changed their name to The Who, and the rest is history.

the who the who

I have to admit I am not a huge fan of The Beatles, nor a huge fan of the Rolling Stones. Sure, they both did some great things, and I don't 'hate' them by any means, I just had a thing for other bands. There was Led Zeppelin, still my all-time favorite band, and The Who that captured my heart. From their first release, My Generation, to Who's Next, to Quadrophenia, to Who Are You, their particular sound of rock was just the thing I loved. Well, that, and Roger Daltrey.

the who,roger daltrey the who the who,roger daltrey

I mean, how beautiful was he? And he had that body and absolutely no problem with showing it off. He was the stuff of many a teenaged fantasy, I can tell you. But that was just a bonus, it was really about the music. They lost Keith Moon in 1978, and broke up in 1983, only to reform a couple of times. John Entwistle passed in 2002, but Roger and Pete still are around, and released Endless Wire in 2006. They are still touring from time to time.

The Who managed to play both Woodstock and Live Aid, two of the biggest concerts of Rock & Roll history. Here is a cliip from Woodstock, the encore presentation of My Generation.

The Who are on American TVs weekly, with their seminal song Baba O'Riley used by the CSI franchise as the theme song. The song has been bastardized for decades as I remember both fans and haterz alike calling it Teenaged Wasteband...

Not too surprising, but The Who have a website. You can visit it by clicking here.


  1. When it comes to British invasion bands, I'm more of a Stones and Kinks fan, but I always loved the Who a lot, too. I had a poster of a shirtless Roger Daltrey in my bedroom!

  2. Would have loved to have a shirtless Daltrey in my bedroom!



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