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Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Photobucket Breathe
Tom Waits
Clockwise: Dylan Rice; Breathe; Tom Waits; and Shane Mack.

I decided that since we are coming up on the last week of January, it was time to discuss all those New Years Resolutions that were made in a fit of panic, or a somewhat altered state. No matter the case, for a majority of people, by this time all the Resolutions made have been broken in one way or another. They have been forgotten, actively abolished, or willpower has not held. But, no matter the reason, they hare a thing of the past, much like certain bets in bars with your best friend, or promises to call that one-night-stand the next day. So,whenever I hear resolutions or the aforementioned promises being made, I feel like shouting one thing: lies! Even on New Years Eve, as a friend is sipping on their cocktail, once they start the sentence with "my New Years Resolution will be..." I hear Dylan Rice singing in my head, to his amazing song off the 2004 album Wandering Eyes. Yes, my mind starts hearing The Lie.

I have always loved that song, and that whole album. You can find Dylan Rice on iTunes and on Amazon.

There are also times when my 1980s retrospective comes online, and the next thing I know, I am hearing the lovely voices of Breathe sing on of their big hits, Don't Tell Me Lies from the 1987 album All That Jazz. Man, this is so infectious, there are times I swear I can't get it out of my head!

See, now it might be stuck in your head! You can find Breathe on iTunes and on Amazon.

And there are many times she the gorgeous voice of the handsome Shane Mack comes into my head, singing to something I or a close friend has said. Well, that he sang, as part of the soundtrack to the Movie Shelter, released in 2007. I have been waiting for at least five years for Mack to put out an album, and have yet to be greeted with a definite answer. Until then, I will be content to listen to Lie To Me by Shane.

That song is all kinds of sexy and sultry, I think I would lose it if I saw him performing that in person. You can find Shane Mack on Music From The Here! Original Film Shelter on iTunes and on Amazon.

And, finally, we have a sweet little ditty by the same name by the outrageously talented Tom Waits. Here is Tom singing Lie To Me from his 2006's Orphans album. And check out this clever video for the song.

I just find Waits almost impossible to resist. You can find Tom Waits on iTunes and on Amazon. And that is what I think of New Years Resolutions!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Late 80s Fun - Vitamin Z, Origin, Houthouse Flowers, Basia & Breathe

Late 80s Music
Top: Vitamin Z and Breathe. Bottom: The Origin, Basia and Hothouse Flowers.

On the final post for the Blogiversary Weekend, I thought I would revisit some of the music from the late 80s I really liked. Let me start with a favorite from 1985, Burning Flame. I first mentioned the band Vitamin Z here in the 3rd month of the blog. I admitted my fondness for singer Geoff Barradale and bassist Nick Lockwood. In fact, I still have the Rites Of Passage album sitting on the shelf. I was crazy about Geoff's voice, especially on this song.

Just a month later, I first mentioned a band I just loved for their sheer Poppiness. You can find it here. They were of course another British band, for they did kind of own the era. But David Glasper, Marcus Lillington, Ian "Spike" Spice and Michael Delahunty made up the band Breathe, and they were together from 1984 to 1992. The had their success off the debut album, All That Jazz, released in 1987. That included the first single, Don't Tell Me Lies.

I first mentioned the sexy Polish singer Basia in December of 2009, which you can read here. She thought of herself as a Jazz singer, and when given the Pop tunes, she treated them more like Jazz and that contributed greatly to her success. She scored well on both the Pop and Adult Contemporary charts with her 1987 hit, Promises. It was the third single off the 1986 album, Time And Tide.

The Origin was a band I fell for in 1990 with the release of their eponymous debut. I remember hearing Set Sails Free for the first time, and just loving it so much I scrambled to find the name of the band, and to find the album. I first discussed them in September of 2009 here. Michael Andrews was the lead singer and guitarist for the band, which lasted only one more album - although both are in my collection. Andrews later became known for his work in film, as he would score movies like Donnie Darko. He is the man who put Gary Jules on the track Mad World. Here he is with his bandmates on Set Sails Free.

My final entry for the evening is a band who has not been posted to the blog before, but have been added to my list of ones who need to be. I first came upon the Hothouse Flowers in 1988, and was completely infatuated by them. The Irish rockers were doing their thing, adding some soul to the rock beat, with a touch of Irish storytelling on top. That, and, well, they were pretty damn hot to watch. So check out the video for their 1990 hit song Give It Up.

So I hope you have enjoyed my blogiversary meanderings. They were certainly fun to put together! Again, thank you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Follower - Albie

New Follower Albie

Well, I have to admit to having just a bit of a giggle when I first checked out the picture of the newest follower for Soundtrack to my Day, Albie. The strikingly handsome young man is from Brussels, Belgium, and on his profile, declares he is "interested in everything!" While he doesn't have a blog of his own, be does seem to follow several, and lists as his interest blogs, men, gay issues and drag queens, art, and travel and fine living. He is a Gemini, a computer tech specialist, and, as I said before, just cute as a button! Hopefully, Albie will feel free to join in the discussions on the blog and we will learn even more about him in the months to come.

Billy Dortch

To welcome Albie to the blog, I will do the traditional welcome of a song/video selected for the occasion. So it didn't take me long to think it was time to bring out a song by Billy Dortch, Breathe. This seems like a great choice to me, for not only do I love the song, Billy is also a beautiful young thing, and seemed like the correct greeter for Albie. I had written about Dortch over a year ago, here. So, this is for Albie.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Then And Now - Midge Ure

midge ure,ultravox,band aid
midge ure,ultravox,band aid

I make no bones about it, back in the day, I was all about Midge Ure. I bought all the Ultravox records, and when he went solo, I got them, too. I am unapologetic with my Midge-love, so everyone can just get over it. I ain't giving my Midge up. Now that is firmly established, we can move on to the post. The handsome Scotsman has been making music since the early 70s, first in his native Scotland, including joining the band Salvation in 1972, where he became the second man named James/Jim. To avoid confusion, the band turned the name backwards, and 'Jim' became 'Mij' or Midge Ure. Later, the band became known as Silk, and Midge took over singing lead vocals. It was also reported he was offered the job to sing lead for the Sex Pistols, but turned them down. By 1977 he had moved to London, and in 1979, he was hired to play in Thin Lizzy, where he cowrote and played the tour. By the end of 1980, he moved on, and he joined a fledgling band, Ultravox. I was insane for the band, and still am. He was part of the band until 1986, when he decided to go solo. This is the single Breathe from an album by the same name, released in 1996.

In 2008, Midge released the album 10, a collection of great songs from yesteryear covered by him with his unmistakable flair. He released a clever video for the song To Sir With Love, using his iPhone to great effect. And, he still looks damn good!

For more about Midge Ure, check out his official website here. You can check out his album 10 on iTunes here. One of my favorites, the 1985 release The Gift can be found on iTunes here. Yes, all these years later, I am still a big fan!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Breathe

Five lads who went to school together in Hampshire, England, started playing together in 1984, putting out some demos with the hopes of being heard. Their sound was lush pop, with a hint of soul and smooth jazz to make it interesting. Indeed they, singer David Glasper, guitarist Marcus Lillington, drummer Ian "Spike" Spice, and bassist Michael "Mick" Delahunty, were, and by 1988 had one of the biggest hits on radio. In 1987, they recorded the album All That Jazz, and in 1988 released the single Hands To Heaven. If you didn't hear it, you weren't alive.

Watch Breathe - Hands to Heaven in Music | View More Free Videos Online at

They seemed primed for world domination, only it wasn't to be. Just before breaking big, bassist Delahunty left the band, and four became three. They toured and promoted the album as a trio, with much success, although never recapturing the lightning in a bottle that was Hands To Heaven. They did have success iwth the single Don't Tell Me Lies, an uptempo tune.

There was also a degree of hope with How Can I Fall, another soaring ballad made for the slow dance at high schools and weddings across the world.

They released Peace of Mind in 1990, their sophomore effort to little success. They couldn't get the airplay needed to help sales, and soon the band broke up. The have never gotten back together, nor were any of the members really heard from again. It is thought drummer Spice passed away in 2000, and there was talk of singer Glasper coming out with new music, but that has yet to happen. There is no offiical online presence, but an unofficial fansite can be found by clicking here.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Music - Billy Dortch

Billy Dortch Billy Dortch

So I was watching LOGO's NewNextNow PopLab, and in between lame videos for Mariah Carey and Michelle Williams, I saw one I needed to check out. It was Billy Dortch and the song was Breathe. Now, I had never heard of Billy Dortch before, and had to look around the internet for information. Sadly, I found damn little about him. I would like to know more, but I am funny that way.

Billy Dortch Billy Dortch Billy Dortch
Photobucket Photobucket
Billy Dortch Photobucket

First, let me point out the obvious, he is devishly goodlooking. One site I found was his modeling webpage, which makes sense. Boy's gotta pay the rent 'til the music thing takes off. And there is a MySpace page, which offers some lovely photos [see above] and the video. Not too much information otherwise. I also found a couple of articles, and they were helpful for my anal-retentive issues. Billy is 25, and a native of Sacramento, California, and moved to Los Angeles in 2006. And yes, he is an out gay man. It was in LA he really found his voice as a singer/songwriter, and made his first demo last year. He has two singles on iTunes [I bought them both], Breathe and Goodbye, Goodbye.

I am liking what I hear, and think there is some growing that will be happening over the next few years - his phrasing can get a little lazy and stilted - but he has a nice emotional grip on the material. Breathe is the better of the two singles, but I like them both. This is where I usually give the links so you can learn more, and so I will, even though the pages don't have a tremendous amount of info on them. So, you can find the MySpace page by clicking here, and his Model Mayhem page here.


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