Monday, August 3, 2009

Great Women - Judy & Barbra

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Both Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand deserve their own post, and they will both get it. But this particular duet is just far too outstanding to not get recognized. The event was The Judy Garland Show, taped in 1963. Barbra was at the beginning of her career, only 21 years old and hadn't hit Broadway yet with Funny Girl. Judy was at the end of her career, although she was only 41, she died less than six years later. Judy had done A Star Is Born nine years earlier, and Barbra would remake it 13 years later. But in 1963, they did a couple of songs together, the first being Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy, hits for Barbra & Judy, respectively.

They also did Hooray For Love, which compiles several songs into one.

In an oddness that can only be attributed to live television, they were joined by Ethel Merman on stage for There's No Business Like Show Business. Merman, of course, owns the song, and takes it home. Judy tried to keep up a bit, but figured it out, and Barbra just looks like she isn't sure what she got herself in to. You just figured there was a stage manager or director offstage yelling 'Sing out, Louise!'

All I can say is that VH1s Diva shows have nothing on these three ladies just daring the world to get in their way. And every gay man in the couttry had their TVs tuned into this, and lost their breathe for a few minutes. After the show, I would be willing to bet that notes were not the only belts that Judy & Ethel shared - unless the producers had the liquor cabinet locked tight.


  1. Howard, I am a bad gay man.
    I never NEVER made the Judy Barbra "A Star Is Born" connection!

    That said, I read a description of Judy Garland several years ago, and whenever I see clips of her TV show it reminds me of it: the writer, and I cannot remember his name, said she was like a hummingbird because she seemed so delicate, yet she never stopped moving. That is so evident on her old show.

    Thanks for the clips,

  2. Lord, I feel so empowered to sing

  3. This was such a good episode of the show. Stan and I have been thinking or renting The Judy Garland Show, but we keep putting it off. It makes me kind of sad to see Judy in the show, knowing what was happening to her when she was off the stage. Thanks for sharing these clips Howard.

  4. Bob, the first LP I purchased was by Barbra, I was a fanatic. I figure these things still. LOL

    Yes, Wonder Man, I just wanna sing along, even if I can't really sing!

    Kyle, thanks for commenting, and this kinda show is something that won't really happen again, so it was fun to look at for me, too.

  5. This is one of the classic moments on TV... 3 Musical Greats in the same studio!
    Good Stuff!



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