Monday, August 31, 2009

New Music - Jack Peñate

jack penate jack penate
jack penate jack penate
jack penate jack penate

I caught the new video by Jack Peñate on LOGO's NewNextNow show, and really like it. In doing a bit of research, I can find no commentary to the otherwise, and just assume it is another pretty boy MTV Networks are trying to pawn off as 'possibly' gay, but I will get past that. I will just assume he is another Str8 boy desperately needing LGBT love. His sophomore effort was released in the UK at the end of June, and released here in the US only recently. There is something interesting for me in his retro 80s vocal stylings, harkening back for me to Robert Smith of The Cure on some of his poppier numbers. There is the quality of the talking/sung lyrics, with an evocative yet lightly detached delivery.

The London-born Jack has an eclectic feel, with a pop/rock/dance/club thing going on. And he is cute as a button. There are moments he puts me in mind of a younger Sting, the aforementioned Robert Smith, and other times distinctly himself. He is much more melodic than those two, but every bit as creative. Give Yourself Away, the 7th cut on the 9-cut Everything Is New CD, really screams out to me. The eighth cut, Let's All Die, has a kinda ska flavor that is reminiscent of Terry Hall, should he ever be given to happy days.

What little there is to learn about Jack Peñate can be gleaned at his website, here.

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