Saturday, August 22, 2009

STR8 Boys Need Love Too - Chris Cornell

chris cornell chris cornell

I have already mentioned my love of Chris Cornell - the voice that makes me listen with amazement. He sings with passion, such depth, such raw grit. Starting with his work with Soundgarden, then to Audioslave, and then solo work, I have listened with deep appreciation and respect. And he is really hot! His wife, also a stunningly beautiful woman, is damn lucky, and he makes being a daddy really sexy.

chris cornell chris cornell

Cornell recently released Scream, a new CD I really enjoy. It has a more pop, accessible feel to it, but he still rocks on it. This week Cornell released a new video, for the song Long Gone.

Previously, he released Scream, the lead song on the CD. I think Long Gone is a much better song. Earlier, he release You Know My Name from Carry On. This is a video of the song performed live on MSNBC. Good Lord, how sexy. I mean, talk about a growl.

You can find out more about Cornell at his website.


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