Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Purchase - Christopher Dallman - Anthem

christopher dallman,over my head christopher dallman

Christopher Dallman has released Anthem, a song for marriage equality, this afternoon. This is an issue near and dear to Christopher's [and my own] heart, as Christopher and his boyfriend would dearly love to be married, but the passage last year of Prop 8 pretty much prevents them from sharing their love as a joyous expression. But it also leaves a residual that is bitter to taste. I mean, can over half the population truly believe it is not disrespectful of the institution that Elizabeth Taylor could have 8 marriages and King Henry VIII can have six [some of whom he beheaded to avoid a messy divorce], but gay taxpayers, coworkers and family members are told they can't marry the person they love because that would destroy the institution as we know it? Christopher sings, 'Brother of mine, it's just a matter of time.' His words ring true to me.

The single is available at Bandcamp, and you can pay what you would like [there is a $2 minimum for purchases]. At iTunes, you'd be paying $1.98, without the bonus of knowing half the proceeds from Anthem will be going to Human Rights Campaign for the battle for marriage equality.

Christopher Dallman

Christopher is excited about this and upcoming projects. "If you like this song, please spread it around! Play it for your friends, email it, tweet it, share it on your Facebook page! As an independent musician, I rely on your support!" The B-side for Anthem is the song from the video which premiered recently, Over My Head, You can find Christopher Dallman on the web at his website, on Twitter, and the merchandise space.


  1. It is quite a nice song. Thank God for your blog- I probably would never hear of some of these wonderful artist you feature.

  2. wonder Man, I really do like it. I love Christopher's style.

    Mistress, Thank you for your kind words. These are artists who deserve a listen, for some have great talent.



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