Monday, August 24, 2009

Great Music - Chris Keys

chris keys chris keys

I discovered Chris on the internet, first having heard his music on MySpace. I think I could just have well put him in the 'Str8 Boys Need Love Too' category, but I also think this works just as well. Chris is from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is getting gigs around Belfast, and putting up YouTube videos. He is 26 years old, a singer/songwriter and rather good looking. Just about a month ago, Chris put out a new song, Stronger.

I came across him on MySpace, heard one song, and was hooked. I think he is a talented guy, writing some very nice songs and performing them well. That first song was Shooting Star, and I had to follow the trail to the site I could buy his music. After all, with all these artists, if you don't support them with a purchase, they can only keep going for so long. And I would like to think with my money, more music can keep coming.

As I said, he is playing in Belfast, and took some video. The sound is good, although the picture is a bit dark. Here he performs Seven Seas, another of my favorite songs. He has a sweetness to his tone, while maintaining a smokey edge to his voice.

chris keys chris keys

To find out more about Chris Keys, go to his website here. To get some free downloads and to purchase his music, click here. If you do, you will not be disappointed.



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