Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Episode - Being Human (Episode 3)

being human,lenora crchlow,aidan turner,russell tovey being human,russell tovey,aidan turner
being human,aidan turner being human,lenora crchlow

Episode 3 of Being Human is on BBC America tonight at 9PM [8PM Central Time]. Our supernatural friends are all going through something in this episode, with Annie (Lenora Crichlow) thinking of her wedding date with Owen, George (Russell Tovey) worried about his date with nurse Nina, and Mitchell (Aidan Turner) still holding on to vampire snuff porn. What's a ghost, werewolf and vampire to do in Bristol? Apparently, a vampire and werewolf should take their favorite ghost to a club. Who'd a thunk it?

being human,aidan turner being human,aidan turner
lenora crchlow being human,lenora crchlow

They go to a club and Annie meets Gilbert, a fellow ghost with rather macabre taste in music who takes a shine to her. Mitchell is stalked by Lauren, who is struggling with being a vampire. George gets set up on a date with Nina by Mitchell, but will his fears about killing during sex come true? Annie learns she must figures out she must take care of unresolved issues before she can move on, and in the meanwhile will cater to Owen's needs. Until she learns what remains unresolved.

being human,aidan turner being human,russell tovey
being human,aidan turner being human,russell tovey

This episode has one of my favorite lines of the series:
Mitchell: I never know with you if it's Jewish guilt or werewolf guilt.
George: They are pretty much the same thing.

being human,aidan turner,russell tovey,lenora crchlow being human,aidan turner,russell tovey,lenora crchlow

The music in this episode is outstanding. I listened to Tainted Love by Soft Cell, Girlfriend In A Coma by The Smiths, Ghost Town by The Specials, and Tunnel of Love by Fun Boy Three. For more information, the Being Human website can be found here.



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