Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, King of all Bunnies!

Happy Birthday David Dust!

You have a fine tradition to uphold, that of the leader of the Dust Bunnies, so do celebrate!

Try to avoid dehydration, since it is still in the heat of summer.

Dust Bunny Weekend

Be sure to allow your company to show you a good time this weekend.

Remember that lying down and relaxing can be a good thing.

Know that Dust Bunny Nation is thinking of you!

And in a good way!



  1. I am SO stealing these bunny pics!!

    Thank you dear. Have a wonderful weekend with the family. Maddie and Ginger and I will drink a few in your honor.


  2. Very nice! I hope he is enjoying his day. He deserves a nice one!

  3. Beth, they are cute!

    David - hope you got them before they disappeared!

    Maddie - me too!



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